News from Nikki – August 5, 2017

Dear Crew,
Happy August Crew!

Wow it has been hot! Thank you everyone who has braved the heat. Especially the kids who have been coming in the middle of the day to play!

Tots playing in 98 degrees!!
I decided to change the date of our NUTTS tournament because so many of you are out of town the weekend originally scheduled. Our new date is a week later on August 19th. Same time same place. Please see our dedicated box for all the details. And link to sign up.
Summer is winding down and we are getting into our back to school mode. CTCT-20170802_195438Thank you to everyone who participated in our summer tennis program. We had a great time! Both the little kids and big kids classes had amazing kids participate.  CTCT-20170802_195455
                            Our Fall after school schedule will go August 28-December 15. As of this writing I have yet to hear if Weddington is honoring my Friday court request so classes times might change a bit. I am sure they will get back to me shortly.
Our summer program will technically end on August 11th. Depending on demand, I will put together some classes for August 14-25th. Please let me know your child’s availability so I can get some classes set.
The adult team tennis is in full swing. I hear we swept all three lines in our Mixed 7.0 this past week! Way to go team!! Junior team tennis will be starting in September. I will be going to the meeting on August 24th. It would be great if I had the teams set. We will have a Co-Ed 10 and a CoEd14 team and a Boys 18. Make sure your child’s USTA card is up to date. More detailed information to follow next month.
Campbell Hall girls tryouts are the week of August 21-24. All ladies need to have their medical releases into the CH office before they can tryout. Starting the week of August 28th I will be back coaching so my private lesson slots will be limited. Make sure to set your ahead of time. We will have Mindy, Shara, Allen, Will and Harrison around to help with the classes. Shara and Mindy are also available for privates if my schedule is filled.
Check out Mindy’s new installment of how to play on the different surfaces of the four majors! It has been so awesome having to write our articles!! This month she talks about the how the service return is so important for hard court play. The hard court series is touring the Western Hemisphere. I think the players are in Connecticut soon. The US Open wraps it up at the end of August. Anyone heading to NYC?? I am figuring Andrea S probably is!!! She has spent many end of the summers with her nephew attending the Open. If you do go to NYC for this years tourney, make sure to post your US Open photo in our group Facebook page. Not a member yet?? Click here to see/join our group page! 
Special reminder about the Weddington Tennis cancellation 24 hour policy. I have copy pasted part of  the email they sent out to us last week regarding this. Thank you everyone for helping me out with this and keeping to a 24 hour cancellation. Please see below for details.
Thank you everyone who joined us this summer. We had some great fun Fridays. What was your favorite? CTCT-20170802_195350I know I liked Color Me Mine. Can’t wait to see the cool mug I painted. CTCT-20170802_195644 I really enjoyed working with everyone this summer and am super excited as we move into the fall schedule! Thanks for the heads up on classes and if your child will be participating in team tennis. I will see you all at the NUTTS (or before).
Remember our facebook group page has lots of information, fun photos and just a great way to stay in contact with our “tennis family” and what is going at our home courts and abroad.
Referrals are the best compliment. Please invite your friends and kids friends to join us. Juniors first time is free. Camp not included. I always have extra rackets for invited guests to use. (and if you ever forget your racket, I will have one)
Keep your head up and reach for that toss,
Big Hugs Coach Nikki

NUTTS Tournament-New Date Aug 19
NUTTS is my family fun tournament/potluck on Saturday August 19th from 5:00-8:00pm. It is for levels tots all the way to advanced adults. I try to make the adult division doubles but I usually end up with all divisions. Please let me know what division you prefer to play in (mixed, men’s, women’s) and if you have a preference in a partner. The junior division for those who can’t play matches yet are “class type” tournament and the times will be slightly different. All kids will get medals. All participants will get our limited edition NUTTS shirt. What is the color this year?? Getting tough after 27 years to be original but I did it this year!!

Adults & Junior Touring Pros 5:00-8:00 Cost $50
Junior Clinic & Stars 5:00-6:30 Cost $45
Peanuts * 5:30-6:30 Cost $30

*Making the start time a little later this summer due to the heat. Have the little ones nap so they can play!!

Please let me know what you will be bringing for the potluck so I don’t end up with 50 boxes of cookies.

NTC After-School Junior Program
Nikki’s Tennis Crew will be offering a variety of options this Fall for after-school junior tennis. September and the first couple weeks of October, TWO high schools will be using WGT as their home courts so we are going to have to work around them. I have come up with several options to try to accommodate the after-school times. Once the schools have completed their season, I will change classes to be earlier in the day. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
Peanuts 3/4yo Cost $15 per class
Monday 3:00-3:30
Thursday 5:30-6:00
Friday* 4:00-4:30
Junior Stars 5-7yo Cost $25 per class
Monday 3:00-4:00
Thursday 6:00-7:00
Friday * 4:00-5:00
Junior Clinic 7-11yo Cost $30 per class
Tuesday 5:30-7:00
Friday *4:00-5:30
Junior Touring Pros 8-17yo
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:00-7:00
Cost $45 per class
*Friday times have not been confirmed. Waiting to get confirmation from WGT about court availability.

Click here for fall flyer.

 All classes held at Weddington Tennis
4047 Whitsett Ave Studio City 91405.
All classes are ongoing and you may join whenever is convenient. Please observe 24 hour cancellation. We accept cash, check, paypal or venmo. Private lessons are available according to personal schedules matching. Mindy & Shara are available for privates as well.

Fun Photos from Summer
CTCT-20170802_213652 CTCT-20170802_213558CTCT-20170802_213530 CTCT-20170802_213628

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In This Issue

US Open Championships
Playing on Hard Court
by Mindy Oki

Mark your calendars for the final grand slam of the year, the US Open in New York, held Aug 28-Sept 10.  The pros are preparing right now on the hard courts in the US Open series.

Because the hard courts are a fast surface, we need good foot speed, agility, quick eyes and hands, great serves and service returns.  So I thought I would focus on return of serve – the rituals and techniques that are key to a great return!

The best returners in the game do a few important moves:

#1   They take a walking step forward right before they split step.  This move gives them forward    movement before they split on their toes.

#2   Their split step happens as the server makes contact with the ball and helps the returner track and react to the serve.

#3   After the split step, their next (lead) step is with the foot closet to the incoming ball, followed by their other foot stepping in with the hit – efficient and balanced.

#4   A short backswing when returning a fast serve creates a more consistent, clean, early hit and may surprise an over-confident server.

Here are a few of the best returners in the game, past and present…Monica Seles, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, Andre Agassi, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray.

I hope you get a chance to watch some US Open matches – watch the pros return serve and work on it with your game!!!  Contact Mindy Oki to work on your service return!

News from HEAD/Penn
This Month’s special from HEAD/Penn is  purchase a case of Pro Penn balls from Tennis Ace and get an awesome HEAD Penn hat!!
Ever wonder how tennis balls are made??? Check out this link to learn!!

What’s New with The Crew!!!
Sarah Wallace has been a crew member since she was about eight. I am so excited to be going to her wedding this Sunday August 6th. I have spent many a lesson counseling Sarah about some boy or another. I am so happy she found a really wonderful man in Ian Schwartz! Wishing them a life time of happiness and some grand babies for me and her parents! Mazel Tov Sarah and Ian!!

Weddington Tennis

Court &
Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATION POLICY:  This applies to ALL persons, pros and general public.  We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel court time – THIS ALSO APPLIES TO “CHANGING” COURT TIME, e.g., “I want to move my 5:00 to 7:00…”   Whether it’s traffic, a scheduling conflict or any other non-emergency reason for wishing to change/move a court time, you will be responsible for the original time scheduled in addition to any hour added.  Please note that ”

24″is the MINIMUM, not 23, not 22, etc.

Court time begins at the top of the hour.  If additional time is needed either to set-up or pack-up equipment, please reserve extra court time as no one is allowed on the courts before the reserved time and must be off the court at the top of the hour.  WATCH YOUR TIME and allow for clean-up so the next party does not lose part of his/her reserved time.  Please pass this information on to your assistants and clients. WGT does not extend court time due to late arrivals.



 At no time are WGT personnel responsible for minor children.  If a lesson, class or camp session is over, children must be supervised by a responsible adult and not simply left in the tennis office for parent-pick-up.  Closely monitor minor children on the courts with their snacks making sure the court is left clean for the next customer.  Please encourage your clients of all ages to be quiet and respectful if waiting in the tennis office as cashiers are multi-tasking and need to be able to conduct business and attend to customers.

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